Friday, September 18, 2015

Can one be in love with a flat iron

Can one be in love with a flat iron? Well I am! I have thick sometimes frizzy hair and being a black woman its hard to find products that dont fry your hair. (Plus Im really picky) I love for starters that this flat iron has no way of setting a temperature on it. I like that its really no start up time for it to get hot. I also like the sleek design and lightweight feel of it. I love that its easy to opperate. I also love that its easy to either straight or curl your hair. Did i mention i love this flat iron?

I did not use any argan oil on my hair before using this product just to see its true capabilities. It did not leave my hair frizzy infact it got all the frizziness out of my hair without the use of any product. Do you know how wonderful that is not have to use any product on your hair and still achieve the same goal?
I included a picture of my hair after I used this flat iron. Im over the moon with how great this iron is, infact I told all my friends and family and all my hairstylist friends about it!
Highly reccomend this product
I recieved this flat iron at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest opinion.